Looking for a place to stay in the Portland area? You've come to the right spot. The following are the official event Hotels.

Exclusive event discounts for the following hotels are available through Mega Housing at (800) 773-5069. Call Mega Housing for reservations. Special bike parking available at some locations. See "More Info." for details.

The Portland Marriot Portland Marriott Downtown 1401 S.W. Naito Parkway 503 226-7600 More Info.
The Westin Portland The Westin Portland 750 S.W. Alder 503 294-9000 More Info.
The Benson Hotel The Benson 309 S.W. Broadway 503 228-2000 More Info.
Paramount Hotel Paramount Hotel 808 S.W. Taylor 503 223-9900 More Info.
Days Inn City Center Days Inn City Center 1414 S.W. Sixth Avenue 503 221-1611 More Info.
Hotel Vintage Plaza Atrium Hotel Vintage Plaza 422 S.W. Broadway 503 227-1212 More Info.
5th Avenue Suites 5th Avenue Suites 506 S.W. Washington 503 222-0001 More Info.
Hilton Portland Hilton Portland 921 S.W. Sixth Avenue 503 226-1611 More Info.
DoubleTree - Lloyd Center DoubleTree - Lloyd Center 1000 N.E. Multnomah 503 281-6111 More Info.

For additional Ride Home lodging information along the route to Milwaukee, see the Mega Housing Management web site at www.megahousing.com/100


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