Michael Nealy
Mike founded his company in 1975 as Thunder Media, Inc. producing local music events. As the company grew, movie promotions, client advertising, motorsports and more were added. In 1989, the company name was changed to Global Events Group, and has focused since on event management and production. As President of the Global Events Group team and with his vast experience, Mike is very much involved in all the events managed by Global Events and always looking for new opportunities for the company.
Email: mike@gegpdx.com Phone: 503-232-3000

Susan Adams Nealy
Event Producer
Susan joined the team as advertising account executive in the 1980's then later as G.E.G. Event Producer. Susan's' rich background in public relations from ABC-TV in New York & her time with Domino's Pizza N.W. as Marketing Director has served us with a plethora of talent.

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